Simple Beauty, Clean Lines

Mixing Shaker and Scandinavian styles creates good Maine design

I find myself often drawn to the simple beauty found in both Shaker and Scandanavian design. Both embrace clean lines and a simplicity that brings calm to any surrounding.

Our days are surrounded by noise and clutter. The simplicity of these two design styles combined, creates a Maine style that offers much needed sanctuary and peace.

So often we are looking for the latest and greatest electronic or tech gadget to make our lives easier, when in fact, the practical “form follows function” principles of the Shaker design is all one really needs. Taking the simple but rich designs and repurposing them for modern life is just the ticket.

In addition to the practical beauty of these designs, I am awed by the care in craftsmanship that is used to create these pieces. Here in Maine we are blessed with craftspeople who have learned their trades from those that came before, with a work ethic and commitment to alway do better.

Shaker style furniture conjures up images of traditional New England style tables, chairs and bedroom furniture designed back in the late 1700s by members of The United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing, otherwise known as the Shakers. It’s really the only style of furniture that’s widely agreed upon as quintessentially American and remarkably, it has changed only in subtle ways over the last few hundred years.
I think we would all agree that the Shaker values, in one fashion or another (highest quality craftsmanship, simple functional design, elegant straight lines, finely crafted joinery such as mortise and tenon and dovetails) are embraced by Maine craftspeople today and I am constantly looking for ways to include these principles in my interiors.