Local is Good, Maine is Better


As a Maine native, and a member of a multi-generational family of hard working, innovative, and resourceful stock, I find myself attracted to products and trades people who share a common lineage or those who have made Maine home for the same reasons.

Maine’s expansive beauty is legendary. Vast forestlands, thousands of miles of beaches, and enough lakes and mountains to lose yourself in for life. And yet, as anyone who has been here will tell you, Maine’s truest character is revealed in the details. Sunlight shafting through a spruce grove. A perfect, round stone on a beach of rugged cliffs. And people who are resourceful, dependable and inventive. This combination of pure material and fine detail has long characterized Maine craftsmanship. A tradition of excellence passed down for generations, “Maine Made” is recognized worldwide as a term for quality and integrity.

It is our mission to use made in Maine products as often as possible. For example, all our custom upholstered furniture is crafted by the local couple, Troy and Rebecca Delano. They fashion our designs from the frame up, sourcing locally grown and sustainable hardwoods and utilizing traditional high quality construction methods. Our Maine Street Mercantile line of furniture is entirely made in Maine. Our custom drapery and sewing workrooms are run by the ever so talented Alice Mobley, herself a Maine native. Carpets and rugs are skillfully fabricated, bound and installed by Ed Fortier Jr., who took the helm from his father and continues a tradition of excellence and professionalism that is beyond compare.

We are constantly discovering Maine made products that add just the right touch of realism and integrity in an ever evolving outsourced world.

There is something that feels so right about objects, products and creations that come from locally sourced, sustainable, and indigenous sources. It will always be our mission to pay attention to what is right under our own eyes and noses. As we have been heard to say, “Local is good, Maine is better.”