Inside Outside

Creating Rooms to Experience the Outdoors, Inside

As the summer season approaches we are reminded once again of our love for the outdoors. I am constantly drawn to bringing the outside in and the inside out. Why not design our living spaces with this in mind year round?All to often here in Maine we design our houses to protect us from the elements. Design to keep us warm and safe from a winter storm and freezing temperatures forgetting that in the summer we want to get out and enjoy Mother Nature in all her glory. How about visually opening our living spaces to the elements year round?

How about a kitchen that features a NanaWall System that opens the entire wall of the dining area to a large deck? Just imagine the possibilities for entertaining. Here you can experience alfresco cooking and dining with the same appliances.

Another favorite is the sleeping porch. The possibilities are endless. Imagine a nap on hot summer day or sleeping outside on a summer night.

Pictured here is a screened in porch on the beach in Kennebunk, Maine. Complete with a salvaged iron bed from a French orphanage with a custom sized mattress covered with Sunbrella with club chairs are an all weather wicker and the glass and metal tables and a floor covered in a simple grass matt.

A top down bottom up window treatment works perfectly for just the right amount of privacy when needed. I would love to see these in a vibrant modern all weather fabric rather than a dreary old Victorian age canvas.

Also pictured is a luxurious screened in porch for Hidden Pond Resort in Goose Rocks, Kennebunkport, Maine. It offers two facing custom made cedar day beds complete with ample pillows for napping or sitting as well as an outdoor dining area. The base of the table is a repurposed French municipal wastebasket and the tabletop is colored concrete.

Here in Maine our outdoor time is fleeting. Why not make the best of the time we are given by creating rooms to experience the outdoors in total comfort?