Coastal Maine Boathouse

For a life well lived

I am most happy when I am given the opportunity to channel my inner Mainer. Growing up I spent many hours in houses much like this one built on the docks. They were built from what was at hand. Often bits and pieces of lumber and hardware washed up by the sea.

I had the great opportunity to work on this little oasis on the southern coast of Maine. Set amidst a cluster of fish houses once used by a local fisherman is now a tranquil summer get away. Every design decision took into account a respect the integrity of the original building. Many of the design elements were repurposed and restored with nothing going to waste. The final outcome is pure, honest and comfortable as a result.

So often folks have these preconceived ideas of what coastal decor is. Here you won’t find items made from away. The execution of this design was thoughtful to the core. Honoring the surroundings, the buildings place in the community and taking into account its history.

Here you will find details like a custom boat ladder tucked into the wall that gives you access to a splendid sleeping loft. A day bed overflowing with multi textured pillows all in white. A galley kitchen with wooden counter tops and stainless cleats for drawer pulls. The galley features plenty of wine storage and a butcher block bar on castors for the nightly drinks gathering.

There are plenty of comfortable seating areas, for book reading, napping, and gathering. The candle powered chandelier is on pulley rigging for easy lighting.
There is also a wonderful little head complete with a shower. Cool off, rinse off after a swim or clean up after a day out fishing.

When you have the opportunity to boil it all down to the simple things in life you come to realize what is important and what is really needed. When you boil down a design you pay closer attention to the little details that make it all right and bring the space to life.

This project was also featured on the blog Willow Decor.