A Cook’s Dream

A comfortable place to eat, converse and enjoy each other’s company

Imagining the activities that take place in your kitchen during a typical day is vital to the success of a well-designed kitchen.

The Prep Zone
When more than one person is involved in meal preparation and cleanup, this becomes doubly important. To this end it is great to have multiple workstations. A second sink and dishwasher can come in handy for a busy kitchen.

The Cooking Zone
When working with people on a new kitchen, one of the first questions I ask is about their cooking style. Are they serious about food and require a large cooktop, or serious about baking and need a separate baking space or extra ovens? In some situations they are busy families and require timesavers like efficient microwaves, toaster ovens, or other counter top appliances.

The Friend Zone
No matter where the party is supposed to be, the kitchen is everyone’s favorite gathering place. When creating a kitchen space, I always think about where friends tend to congregate when entertaining. Like many folks I have a lot of friends who like to contribute to the meal. I often look for a layout that allows for multiple cooks and separates the cooking zone from social areas.

The Equipment Zone
The butlers pantry is a great solution to the varied storage needs in any kitchen and smart storage is one secret to an efficient kitchen. I am always on the lookout for smart storage systems for cookware, small appliances, tools, cutlery, tableware, linens, cookbooks, and cleaning supplies. Imagining your daily kitchen life will help make sure that every essential item has a home.

The Dining Zone
Where your family and friends naturally congregate often dictates the space required for eating. This is where features like a breakfast bar, kitchen island, built-in banquette and dining table come in. A lot of households use a combination of different dining spaces, depending on who’s home and what’s going on that day. Personally, I’m a big fan of the more traditional dining room. That said, in todays world it is more realistic to have the dining area as part of the kitchen. Still I think it is wonderful if you have a comfortable place to eat, converse and enjoy each other’s company.